Library Services

Please note that this page has been 'dormant' for a while - we will update it soon.

If you work in Library Services and want any help or advice please contact:

Mike Moore

Latest News:

Your Unison reps are continuing with a series of meetings with Library management regarding the new Main Library project. We are concerned at the overall lack of information regarding the staffing situation in the new building. We are pressing Library management to give a firm guarantee of no compulsory redundancies relating to the project and to confirm that staff will have a clear part to play in the design of services through working groups open to frontline and specialist staff. The next project meeting is due to take place on the 15th of July.

We will be continuing with drop-in sessions and walkrounds and there will be a meeting for members after the next project meeting.


If you aren't a member yet - join now! We are stronger the more members we have and can do more to protect jobs, terms and conditions and pay. Contact Mike Moore or any of the other reps on the Contact Us page for more information and an application form.